Ramen Nagi – Protegie

Case Studies

Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi coming from Japan faced a challenge. Being new to the Singapore food market, Ramen Nagi had to build a reputation amidst strong competition with other Japanese and Ramen shops that were within the vicinity.

In order to ensure their first outlet was a success, their main goal was to ensure that their opening launch went viral in order to not only attract as many newcomers as possible but also to ensure that they could build a loyal following of customers even after the campaign was over.

Social Media & PR

To prepare for the launch, we focused primarily on public relations management and social media management. Both of these services function to create the awareness and hype needed to draw in crowds for the brand launch and also to build up the brand’s name.

Social Media & PR

Protegie’s existing strong relationship with many top influencers and bloggers allowed us to invite and work with them on this brand launch. We also collaborated with The Straits Times in the creation and execution of a branding video which served to create the excitement and anticipation surrounding Ramen Nagi’s first entry into Singapore. The video went viral.


Snaking queues on their official grand opening

Raving reviews from top bloggers and influencers like Seth Lui and Miss Tam Chiak

Featured on mass media platforms such at The Straits Times and 8 Days

Top 10 Japanese restaurants in Singapore (Tripadvisor)

4.3 star rating on Google based on 956 reviews