Case Study

Protegie creates meaningful and effective solutions for F&B businesses.

Before Protegie.

Our client, a cosy establishment specialising in Wagyu Beef Yakiniku, strived to provide diners with an authentic Japanese BBQ experience. The restaurant was excellent at providing fresh and high quality food at affordable prices.

However, the restaurant’s heavy usage of Groupon gave consumers the impression that the brand needed to rely on promotional schemes to drive sales. This cheapened our client’s brand.

What we did to help

We believed in the quality of our client’s food and were determined to make the business a success. Working closely with our client, we produced two new buffet menus, attracting new diners and securing regular customers at the same time.

In March 2015, Protegie also implemented an ‘SG50’ campaign. Promotions were offered for a limited time period, which resulted in a record high number of customers and the restaurant was fully reserved with a waiting list every day of the week.


Since Protegie, reviews and recommendations from bloggers andcustomers have streamed in. Sales have increased significantly – all without the use of Groupon. Our client’s revenue has grown by 304% since their collaboration with us, and it has established a following among celebrities and the media.

The initial number of 6,000 fans on its Facebook page has also since doubled.