Case Study

Protegie creates meaningful and effective solutions for F&B businesses.

Before Protegie.

Our client was an already well-established Malaysian noodles brand. It was planning to make its first foray into the Singapore market, but had little to no experience in the Singapore food scene.

What we did to help

Protegie launched a social media-based campaign (the ‘Hot & Spicy Challenge’) in order to create buzz around our client’s opening branch. It also aimed to drum up hype for the brand amongst milennials. The campaign simultaneously increased sales and brought more exposure to the business. Additionally, it drew attention to the restaurant’s signature dish.


Since Protegie, the hype surrounding the social media campaign has gained unsolicited publicity from top F&B influencers. The campaign is still on-going as of the time of writing, but has already raised sales revenue by 20%.

Advertisements on Facebook have reached over 100,000, with over 44,000 of those people directly engaging with the post. This pegs the cost-per-engagement for our client at a rate lower than S$0.01.