Our Services – Protegie

Market Research

From the latest food trends to your customers’ ordering habits, Protegie will effectively collect and analyse these details and statistics in order to tailor a marketing campaign that will work for you through our targeted marketing frameworks and strategies.

Strategic Management

Through strategic planning and business analytics, Protegie will elevate and optimise your brand’s operations and marketing efforts to chart the best course for your business.

Advertising and Promotion

Protegie’s in-house team of creatives and designers will help you create impactful visuals and catchy copywritings for your advertisments while propelling you into the limelight through our established media channels, elevating your brand’s awareness.

Social Media Management

Social media is currently one of the most important tools used for marketing in the 21st century. Here at Protegie, we recognize and acknowledge this fact. Leave the hassle of running a social media page to us as we help you create meaningful content, manage posting schedules and engage with responses from platform users to reach out to even more people.

Public Relations Management

Every brand has a story. Here at Protegie, we would like to help you convey that story; to the right people and on the right platform. With our key contacts in the media industry, we can give you the coverage that you deserve.

Omnichannel Experience

Technology can be complicated and daunting. But have no fear, Protegie is here to help you grow, achieve technological enlightenment and keep up with the times.