Case Study: Dumplings.ru

As a newly opened establishment in 2020, Dumplings.ru lacked awareness as a Russian restaurant and foot traffic was low. Their positioning as a Russian restaurant in the F&B market was also not strong enough.


One of the strategies we proposed was to strengthen Dumpling.ru’s branding as the only authentic Russian restaurant in Singapore. This helped distinguish them as a restaurant that people can specially go to for an authentic Russian dining experience.

Social Media Management

We supported Dumpling.ru in making their unique selling points known by shouting out on various platforms on social media and running of ads to heighten brand awareness. Dumpling.ru’s Facebook and Instagram followers have more than doubled since working together with Protegie, and there has also been a sharp increase in customers looking for Dumpling.ru on Google within the first 3 months.

The social media ads we ran were also effective in reaching out to potential customers. Brand awareness was further compounded when the ads helped gather the attention of significant news media like Mothership, resulting in free publicity.

‚ÄčTripled revenue within the first 3 months
Increase in number of customers searching for Dumplings.ru on Google within the first 3 months (i.e. from 3,000 in July to 49,000 in September)
4.2 star rating on Google based on over 200 & counting reviews