Case Study: Meat N' Chill

Meat N’ Chill (MNC) brings a slice of iconic American dining to our little red dot. Protegie was engaged to strengthen the branding of Meat N’ Chill as a place where people would go to for steak and ribs, and especially for their meat platters, at a value.

At the time, food costs were extremely high and kitchen operations were limited. There was also a lack of brand awareness partly due to the location and a lack of online presence.


We worked with MNC to reduce the high food costs and to readjust the manpower issue. Additionally, we proposed for MNC to revamp the menu in terms of dishes offered, pricing, and copywriting to better reflect the quality and value of dishes. Such operational changes were necessary to make the restaurant more cost-effective and efficient before we can go into our next phase of action plan of launching marketing campaigns and aggressive promotions.


Together, we have introduced several platters throughout the years. This has a dual purpose – to make platters synonymous with the MNC brand, and to make operations more efficient by having a leaner menu. These platters have consistently proven to be a hit amongst diners.

We have also introduced several dishes to promote MNC as a go-to place for quality and value-for-money food. A popular example is the $27 500g New York Strip dish which not only presented a value-for-money perspective but also simultaneously helped to reduce the food margin by 50%. We went further by standardising the side dish and limiting daily portions to make the deal more attractive to customers and at the same time, making operations more efficient.


Revenue has since stabilised to 315% on a monthly average as compared to when we first started
Reduced food cost from 70% to 40%
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
4.4 star rating on Google based on over 800 & counting reviews