Social Media Management

Stand out in the digital era.

If you do not already know, social media is a powerful tool. If one is not on social media, your business is not reaching out as far as it can. In Singapore alone, there are 4.6 million social media users as of January 2020, with this number expected to increase in the future.

Many companies, let alone F&B businesses use social media as their main platform for marketing. By utilising this new age platform, one can help increase brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, engage with customers to improve customer service and of course, showcase new products and promotions.

If you are not taking advantage of this, we can assure you, your competitors are. So not only are you not hitting the potential that you know your business can achieve, your competitors are a step ahead of you. It is a whole new market to conquer if you have not already. Here at Protegie, our experienced team will help you create and manage your social media accounts to ensure your business draws in customers to your store-front and get excited for your food even before they have even seen the menu.